Knowledge-Based Search Engine

The internet never ceases to amaze me and they are coming up with incredible, new things all the time. However, this one really raised my eyebrows.

WolframAlpha (funny name huh?) is a new type of search engine. It’s sort of like a cross between Wikipedia and Google – but much smarter.

WolframAlpha uses a new type of knowledge-based computing to come up with answers on an incredible amount of subjects – ranging from mathematical and financial, to dates in history and a whole lot more.

And unlike Google which offers thousands and sometimes millions of pages when you search on keywords – WolframAlpha simply supplies you with a single definitive answer to a question. In other words, it doesn’t just look for pages on the web, like Google, it searches its information knowledge base to provide you with answers to your questions!

Click on the link below to watch a brief introduction before you start using it.

Then play around with it. It’s amazing what it can tell you. Save this site in your favourites – it may come in very handy!

Until next time – good luck with your business!

Peter Thorpe

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Peter Thorpe

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