Have you got Internet Inertia?

I got a call the other day from someone who had been recommended by a friend. They wanted me to look at their website and tell them why they weren’t getting more business online. They also said they were spending a considerable amount of money on advertising but only about 5 per cent of their entire budget was spent online and from everything they had read — this didn’t seem right.

She said the company had decided it was time to get serious about getting more business online.  I spent some time going over their site and soon discovered they needed help — big time! Not only were they doing lots of things wrong — there were lots of things they weren’t doing that they should have been doing. Simple, inexpensive changes that would have made a tremendous difference to their online results.

Anyway, I put together a proposal for them with my recommendations.   I should add, in doing this, I quickly realised that this same company had been in touch with me around two years earlier, with the same request from a different person!

At that time, I had also made a number of recommendations but they didn’t act on it. In fact, from what I could see, they hadn’t done a single thing in the last two years!  Eventually, she came back to me again and said they had decided they were not going to do anything at the moment but they would consider it, at some time in the future.

That’s their decision of course but I couldn’t help thinking how much business they had missed in the previous two years and how much they would miss in the future, during the time it took them to eventually get around to acting.

This is not an isolated case. The next day, I spoke at a networking lunch for small business owners and I asked them this question: “What changes have you made to your online marketing activities in the last year or two?”  In almost every case, the answer was the same — none or very little.

Given the enormous changes that have taken place on the net during that time — I find this quite remarkable. A number of these same people also commented later that business was fairly quiet and their sales were down on this time last year, etc. Most of them attributed this to the after effects of the GFC, the sluggish economy or the government. It didn’t seem to occur to them that perhaps the marketplace had changed and the way people do business - especially online – has changed.

Let me ask you this same question: “What changes have you made to your online marketing activities in the last couple of years?”  Or are you still thinking about it, like the people above? Could it be you are suffering from Internet Inertia!

Things have changed dramatically in the last couple of years and maybe it’s time to start doing something about it. After all, as a famous person once said: “If you always do what you’ve always done — you’ll always get what you always got!”

Need some great ideas to help you with your online marketing? Contact us — we’ll be glad to help.

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Peter Thorpe

About Peter Thorpe

Peter created his first website back in 1996, near the start of the internet boom. Since then, he has helped hundreds of businesses, both large and small, with their online marketing. His company now has an impressive list of over 300 clients. These range from small businesses to large blue chip companies. visit: www.thenet.com.au