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10 Things You Need to Know About Creating a Successful Website is a plain English guide for the non-technical. This 33 page special report is designed to take the mystery out of creating a successful website for your business.

Whether you are creating a new website or updating an existing one – before you do anything– read this book!

Here’s a sample of the chapter headings:

1. How and where to start
2. Website design and style
3. The importance of your domain name
4. Getting visitors to your website
5. Monitoring your online success
6. Becoming pro-active
7. E-commerce – making sales online
8. The process – step by step guide
9. How much will it cost?
10. Selecting a web developer to suit you

10 Things You Need to Know About Creating a Successful Website tells you the basic principles involved in developing a successful online strategy for your business. And it’s yoursFREE. To order your copy for immediate download you must subscribe to our FREE e-newsletter Net Profits – hints and tips to help you with your onlne marketing.

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